Wonderful flavor comes
from a happy kitchen.

Every day growing up,
my mother was making delicious meals in our kitchen.
These are some of my fondest childhood memories.
Looking back, there are two words that always come to mind,
“oishii” (delicious) and “ureshii” (joyful).

In Japanese, Daikou is written in kanji as 大幸 (big happiness).
We put great care into our products
to help you bring happiness to your dining.

Our mission is to create the ingredients for happiness.
Bringing “happiness into the kitchen” is our core message,
guiding our craft for generations.

Committed to brewing one-of-a-kind products,
we strive to bring delicious flavor to your dining table.
We hope you’ll enjoy!

Kensuke Osugi
Daikou Shoyu