Since Risuke Osugi, our ancestor and the original founder of Daikou Shoyu, opened the brewery here in the small town of Kinomoto, we’ve made quality soy sauce according to traditional methods, while also putting constant effort into improving the products over time. Our goal is not just to make soy sauce, but also to establish a bond with our customers, so they may trust in the quality of our products. To best satisfy the diverse needs of our customers, we continue our traditional and time-honored methods of high-quality, small batch production. Now serving as the 6th generation head, I have learned and practiced the traditional process of slow aging in cedar tubs from my grandfather, Keizo Osugi. Our small town of Kinomoto is now part of Nagahama city, Shiga, located around the northern Lake Biwa area. Serving as a post station town, or transportation hub, on the historic Hokkoku Kaido trail, much of its original townscape has remained intact. Born in this beautiful environment, Daikou Shoyu continues providing quality products to our loyal customers, both here in our town, and to more distant areas now as well.